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Karmic astrology aims to explain why life assigned a certain role to someone and to answer the question why something is happening now. Its goal is to reveal the purpose...


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Understanding what Consciousness is and the energy structure of a man represents one of the essential steps towards reaching a certain state of awakening in this incarnation.

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In the basic nature of every fixed star lives a part of the myth of the constellation it belongs to. These primordial myths are incorporated within the essence of the collective unconscious. 



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Dragon Teacher Program focuses on solar eclipses and special families that they create. Since each solar eclipse represents the New Moon close to either the Dragon’s Head (North Lunar Node) or the Dragon’s Tail...


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AstroHealing is a separate branch of astrology that lets us develop our ability to balance and heal negative planetary influences.


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Just as every person we meet is present in our own natal chart, and we can observe and understand them on that level, so ...


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The story of the animals is the story of understanding the mechanisms of fate.



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We all have a certain light nature, which is essentially the nature of our Consciousness, because Light represents the quality of ...

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I am Aleksandar Imsiragic .

If you were to ask my clients how they would describe me, I believe that many of them would call me Teacher – somebody who gives them guidance on the path of discovering how to live a life more fulfilled. The question of how to awaken our true Self, and how to reach a higher degree of integration of that Self, has been a great passion of mine for many years. This integrated Self can enable us to live the great story of our life, and it is this that I try to pass on to my students.

Speaking of them, I also suspect that a lot of them would jokingly say that I am not quite from this planet, because I always try to teach them to connect our earthly experience of life with the wisdom of the Universe. Through this, the aim is to inspire people to emerge from the inertia of karmic laws as a being more conscious, more aware and closer to its true form. We all have the possibility to uncover our great Purpose, and to use it as our driving force in the process of learning how to create a life on this entirely new platform.

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The Four Gates of Karma 

The science that aims to explain why life assigned a certain role to someone – a role defined by gender, race, origins, and from there by one’s status and various other factors – is karmic astrology.

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Reincarnation Astrology

The goal of Reincarnational Astrology is to discover the threads that connect the Soul into one whole throughout many lives. These lives continue into both past and future, and when connected, they ..

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Wheel of Destiny

If astrology were considered a science, it would be a science of relationship. The moment our mind and body disappear, the relationshipbetween the mind and body still survives, and this is what we call the Soul. As ...

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Pillars of Destiny

Pillars of Destiny is a unique book about the influence of the fixed stars based on the constellations' mythological code. The book describes the influences of 291 stars from the empirical or the traditional point of view..

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Embark on a transformative journey to discover your Power Animal and unlock your true potential in this empowering video.

Delve into the concept of Power Animals as the embodiment of your authentic self for this incarnation. Many live beneath shadows, creating a secondary life based on fears and rejected aspects. Learn to work with the shadow, embracing and transforming rejected parts to connect with your Power Animal.

Witness the integration of your shadow guide and Power Animal as they become the driving force and vehicle leading to a karma-free existence. This transformative process goes beyond the conscious mind, reshaping beliefs, and fostering a life of joy and ease. Embark on a journey of self-discovery, living authentically with your Power Animal as your guide. Start your transformative journey now!

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Hi, I'm Aleksandar Imsigragic 

I'm the founder of Johannes Kepler Astrological Institute and I was the ISAR President from 2017 - 2023. I've been an astrologer since 1989 and a meditation teacher since 1993. My biggest passion is traveling and writing books. I'm an author of more than twenty books, many of them which are translated into different languages. My special interests are in the fields of fixed stars, karmic astrology, and astro-healing.