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“By getting to know their subconscious, animal nature, people learn how to balance and correctly use their energy in order to reconcile all their ancestors within themselves, thus gaining the strength to overcome their own karma and finally reaching a state in which they can activate their own incarnation.”

The story of the animals is the story of understanding the mechanisms of fate. It is the story of a discovery – one that helps us correct our subconscious, instinctive, and often inherited codes, and align with our own vibration on Earth. It is the discovery of our “identity of energy” or what the shamanic tradition calls – our Spiritual Power Animal.

The first layer of our subconscious, just below our conscious mind, belongs to survival instincts and energy, representing our animalistic level. Animals make up the energetic fabric of our survival and that energy has its form and intelligence – just as each animal has its instinctive nature. They are not just unconscious codes that guide and determine us. They are, above all, the energetic foundation of our subconscious.

Each animal within us represents one emotional thread that directly connects us with characteristics of one of our ancestors, so we should always be aware of the fact that our ancestors are present within us through the energy of a certain animal.

This energy code directly determines our emotional life, as well as our character, and also determines the events we experience. When we come in contact with the nature of a certain animal and activate its gifts, we directly communicate with our unconscious energy and thereby change deeply ingrained energetic patterns that condition us. Since each animal represents an emotional thread within us, by learning certain principles and practising certain exercises (rituals) for each animal, we learn how to make that principle work in a harmonious way on the energetic level.

Once the animals within us are peaceful and satisfied, we are capable of living our life on Earth to the fullest. We bring ourselves into balance with the needs of all our ancestors, and we become strong in every sense of the word, capable of finding our true identity and living it.

The Course lasts 10 months. 


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I'm the founder of Johannes Kepler Astrological Institute and I was the ISAR President from 2017 - 2023. I've been an astrologer since 1989 and a meditation teacher since 1993. My biggest passion is traveling and writing books. I'm an author of more than twenty books, many of them which are translated into different languages. My special interests are in the fields of fixed stars, karmic astrology, and astro-healing.