What is KIRA Training?


KIRA (Karmic Integration and Reincarnation Astrology) training holds the key to karmic integration, which is the foundation of purposeful and fruitful living. Natal astrology provides insight into what will happen in your life, and predictive astrology tells you when. However, karmic astrology goes deeper, revealing why events occur, uncovering the purpose and the invisible link between various incarnations of the same Soul.


This certification training will take you on a transformative journey, unveiling the hidden parts of your soul whose vibration determines your current reality. From a deep dive into past and future incarnations to practical work with energy and consciousness, KIRA Training is a step toward a Higher Self and a life where everything falls into place.


What is Karmic Integration?


If you struggle with circumstances that don’t match your inner feelings, desires, and needs, it means that the energy rooted primarily in your past lives doesn’t support them. Karmic integration is a practical aspect of karmic and reincarnation astrology that teaches you:

  1. 1. How to balance the contradiction between your inner feelings and desires, and outer circumstances.
  2. 2. How to work with past-life energies and integrate past-life memories through interaction with Animal Spirit Guides connected to your natal chart.
  3. 3. How to work with future-life energy and intelligence to activate the big vision and talents missing in your current life. Here, you will learn how to work with the 72 Angels of the Zodiac.



When you achieve karmic integration, your circumstances will start working in your favor.

To begin your karmic integration journey, join our online program with expert Aleksandar Imsiragic starting September 28, 2024.


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Course Overview:
The Foundation of KIRA Training

3 Module Series – Duration: 12 Weeks


Karmic and Reincarnation Astrology

(MODULE 1, Level 01)


In this module, you will learn how to read your natal chart from a different angle and uncover karmic stories that impact your present reality. It consists of lessons covering past and future incarnations and their interconnectedness. After completing this module, you will be able to understand the causes of events and circumstances appearing on your life path.


Astro Animal Spirit Guides – Past Life Integration

(MODULE 2, Level 01)


This module represents practical work with energies of your chart. It offers deep insights into the emotional threads corresponding to the nature of your specific animal spirit guides. Each guide represents a strong bond with past-life actions and memories. By working with these guides, you can balance karma from previous incarnations, uncover emotional memories, and transform your energy to work for you.


Astrology of Angels

– Future Life Integration

(MODULE 3, Level 01)


This final module focuses on the integration of future lives through the Astrology of Angels. There are a total of 72 Angels of the Zodiac through which you can establish a primary connection with your future lives. While practical work with animals transforms past-life karma, contact with the Angels of the Zodiac awakens your consciousness. When the past and future embrace through the karmic integration of the Soul, the door to the Higher Self opens. All lectures are live with Aleksandar, so you will have the opportunity to ask questions in real time. If you can’t join some classes live, all material will be available in your online student portal, including video recordings, audio recordings, and handouts.

This is a certification program. Upon completing the KIRA Foundation Course, you will receive the KIRA Practitioner Level 1 Certificate of Completion.


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It is the role of the astrologer , who knows the secrets of a person’s past and present
lives, to remind him of his true needs—those he has strived to satisfy throughout several lifetimes. The astrologer will show him the path of fulfilling that need, and moreover, will reveal the number of steps he needs to take to get there.