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Astro Animal Spirit Guides

Animals are the energetic foundation of people.

The human subconscious represents a huge field of energy that has its own nature and which always correlates with a certain animal. All these forms of energy make up our instinctive emotional field, which directly defines us and which we call destiny.

This is why understanding the spiritual nature of animals is important. By aligning with the different gifts of various animals, we correct our subconscious, instinctive and often inherited codes, so that we do not repeat the same karmic or genetic mistakes.

When a certain animal within us, as a form of a particular energy, is peaceful and satisfied – we are capable of living our life on Earth to the fullest, and at the same time fulfilling the deepest needs of our ancestors.

This is when we align with our own vibration on Earth, having found our “identity of energy” or what the shamanic tradition calls – our Spiritual Power Animal.

Paperback: 312 pages, Format: B5