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“Deep inside the Soul, deep inside the Unconscious, deep inside the Universe… subtle sparks emanate the light of forgotten events, ancient myths and distant fixed stars. Just as all of these starts are no longer situated where we continue to see them, every myth describing a constellation represents a relative reality which we are constantly experiencing, because in the deepest part of every being lives an unconscious principle of mythological code. The code that guides a being on their path is known as destiny.”

In the basic nature of every fixed star lives a part of the myth of the constellation it belongs to. These primordial myths are incorporated within the essence of the collective unconscious. No matter how incredible it might seem at first, myths are the only authentic history of humanity. All other histories, individual or collective, occur in concordance with these fundamental codes.

The fixed stars describe the most profound part of the human reality, which guides a Soul through various incarnations connected by this myth and through the native’s genetics. Although the stars and constellations exist within every horoscope, only those stars that are “touched” by planets or cusps of houses are “awakened” and put into effect in an individual’s life.

When it comes to interpreting a star’s influence on a planet, it is very important to estimate if that “stellar-planetary” combination will transmit the entire myth, or just part of it. In addition to this, astrologers should consider certain other factors present in the natal chart, keeping in mind that the primary importance is to understand the myth that lives within the constellation, and then to define that depiction in the rest of the horoscope.

The myth given by a constellation is, therefore, the basic framework of reality and the deeply encoded fate that the native bears within himself. The planets complete that illustration, giving tangible solutions and directives to the mythological possibility. In fact, through the planetary influence, the myth could also be completed in this lifetime in a different way than it was in the story – a person could live just a part of one myth, or one version of it.

When astrologers determine this fundamental code of the horoscope, they also understand the principal need of the unconscious, expressed by invisible filaments of the foundation of life, which are actually – the pillars of destiny.

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