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Dragon Teacher Program focuses on solar eclipses and special families that they create. Since each solar eclipse represents the New Moon close to either the Dragon’s Head (North Lunar Node) or the Dragon’s Tail (South Lunar Node), we recognize the activation of one Dragon via each eclipse. Each “activated Dragon” represents a part of one big family that this Dragon belongs to, and which is defined by a certain SAROS cycle (a period lasting 18 years, 11 days and 8 hours).

Although the importance of an eclipse is always emphasized via a planet or chart angle with which it makes a conjunction, we also all have two eclipses that form our “House of Spirit” – the pre-natal and the post-natal solar eclipse. In the life of an individual, these two eclipses represent the parents of their Spirit, and they are key for the formation of our destiny in the same way in which two DNA chains form the long sequence of the nucleotides codes. Understanding the Dragon’s family that represents the pre-natal or postnatal eclipse provides us with the initial understanding of the type of energy that primarily rules the soul.  

Each eclipse represents a loss of light, which can manifest in a negative way, even as a “diminished consciousness”. This is similar to the diminishing of light due to the appearance of a black hole in the universe, or the transition to the “other side” in the experience of human beings. The eclipse can certainly be negative, but we know from practice that it can also activate very positive things in our lives.

On the energy level, an eclipse can open up time/space on the consciousness level, by opening the gates of the unconscious level of mind. In some cases, when a soul is ready, it can even connect it with the super-conscious mind. Thus, each eclipse forms a certain “time elevator” within our energy, which can help us connect with certain past or future memories of the soul.

In order for the influence of the eclipse to be beneficial, we need to have either a favorable natal memory with the planet that will be activated by the eclipse, or an ability to establish a vertical level of consciousness. This vertical level enables us to gain the best in our life through any eclipse, or to have an ability to transfer special insights and knowledge from the future, which then ends up having an exceptional effect on the collective consciousness.

The purpose of the eclipses and of the Dragons that they form is to show us the story of our mission. Dragons hold great energy which is necessary for the integration and awakening of our Soul, and for the activation of the best version of our life, structured in the nature of our Higher Self.

The Course lasts 7 months.



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