Karmic Astrology and Relationships Webinar

with Aleksandar Imsiragic

AugustĀ 18, 2024 at 4pm PDT

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Karmic Astrology offers a unique perspective on relationships by exploring the karmic connections between individuals.

Discover how past lives may influence your current connections and learn valuable insights for navigating your relationships with greater awareness and understanding.

Karmic relationships are significant connections that the Soul retains from one lifetime to the next.

Each relationship embodies a distinct energetic cycle through which we encounter our past or future.

These relationships are valuable tools for navigating our destiny.

By engaging with these relationships, we access the mechanism that influences the evolution of past and future events.

Those who embrace this work with relationships can steer the course of their fate and life.

Karmic synastry involves comparing two horoscopes to discern whether there is a connection between two individuals from past lives, as well as the nature of the relationship that existed in the past.

Unlock the secrets of your soul's journey and gain deeper insights into the dynamics of your connections with Karmic Astrology.

Explore the transformative power of this ancient system and enhance your relationships on a profound level.

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Hi, I'm Aleksandar ImsigragicĀ 

I'm the founder of Johannes Kepler Astrological Institute and I was the ISAR President from 2017 - 2023. I've been an astrologer since 1989 and a meditation teacher since 1993. My biggest passion is traveling and writing books. I'm an author of more than twenty books, many of them which are translated into different languages. My special interests are in the fields of fixed stars, karmic astrology, and astro-healing.